Business is great. Clients are terrific. Life is Wonderful.Welcome and thank you for considering our firm to represent you. We appreciate your interest in our firm. Mark N. Lee is a veteran advocate whose firm is well known throughout Illinois for representing people who have been injured at work or in an accident. He practices exclusively in the area of workers’ compensation and personal injury. Mr. Lee has litigated some of the largest workers’ compensation cases in the State. For example, he recently represented an injured plumber who was also the president of his union. At trial Mr. Lee won an award that was valued at $1.7 million.

Having completed many jury trials and arbitrations, Mr. Lee is well equipped to handle the most complicated cases. Whether your injury is minor or catastrophic, Mr. Lee has the experience and commitment to successfully resolve your case. When choosing an injury attorney, it is important to choose one with a proven trial record. Every year since starting his firm in 1993, Mr. Lee has litigated cases with excellent results. For a review Mr. Lee’s successful trials and settlements please go to our on-line newsletter.

Mr. Lee began working at age 17 as an apprentice tradesman. His grandfather was a founding member of one of Illinois's largest unions. Having grown up in working, middle-class home, Mr. Lee is committed to defending the rights of working people both in the court room and in his support of organizations that protect working people.

Each year, Mr. Lee gives workers’ compensation seminars to labor groups throughout Illinois. Many unions trust Mark to represent their injured members. If these unions were not confident in Mr. Lee’s ability and his commitment to his clients he would not have their support.

Do not take off work to schedule an appointment with our office. Mr. Lee will meet at your convenience at night or on the weekend. Mr. Lee knows how traumatic an injury can be and often meets with people in their home where they feel most comfortable.

Our firm does not advertize in the yellow pages or on television. We are selective about our clients and do not take every case presented to our office. All of our clients come from word of mouth. If our clients were not satisfied with our work we would not get the referrals that call us every day. If you are injured please contact our office for a free consultation. If you have questions about a case and are not ready to hire an attorney, please call and we will answer your questions without pressure or obligation.

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