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Case History

If you are injured at work, you are entitled to receive benefits under Illinois law. These benefits are: (1) weekly wages while you are unable to work, (2) all reasonable and necessary medical services and (3) a settlement for your injury. You can't lose your job for filing a workers' compensation claim.  Illinois Law makes it unlawful for any employer to fire a worker because they were injured on the job and filed a workers’ compensation claim.

In addition to your Workers’ Compensation benefit, it may be possible to recover damages from parties, other than your employer, who were responsible for your injuries. Third party actions typically arise from the negligence of others, unsafe products or machinery or medical malpractice.

When an injured worker has finished treating and has returned to work, he is entitled to a tax-free settlement for their injury. It is from
this settlement that our office collects a fee. Our office does not get paid until and unless you receive a settlement. You do not pay our firm in advance to work on your case. We get paid from the proceeds of your settlement. The following is a sample of settlements our office has
obtained for union members, service employees and government workers.

Do not take off work to schedule an appointment with our office - we will meet at your convenience!


Boilermaker Boilermaker James Thomas v. Scheck Mechanical Leg $225,000.00
Cement Mason Cement Mason Mark Sondag v. Mid-Illinois Company Arm $221,000.00
Ironworker Ironworker Joe Fickas v. Babcock & Wilcox Arm $165,000.00
Laborer Laborer Vinnie Barbee v. Wilkins Insulation Leg $225,000.00
Roofer Roofer John Kelso v. Industrial Services Back $150,000.00
Painters Painter Vicki Ettinger v. Associated Constructor Arm $185,000.00
Teamster Teamster Robbie Calhoun v. United Parcel Service Back $153,000.00
Electrician Electrician Michael Schnieder v. General Contractors Multiple $649,000.00
Glazier Glazier Paul O’Brien v. O’Brien Glass Back $180,000.00
Pipefitter Pipefitter Stuart McKittrick v. Freitag-Weinhardt Hand $175,000.00
Elevator Constructor Elevator Const. Michael Sloan v. Otis Elevator Back $125,000.00
Bricklayer Bricklayer John Koehler v. Evans Mason Neck $47,500.00
Bakery Worker Bakery Worker Stephen Smith v. Lewis Brothers Bakery Arm $135,000.00
Carpenters Carpenters Elliot Brown v. Tile Specialists Back $224,471.00
Coal Miners Coal Miner Donald Timo v. Freeman United Coal Foot $134,000.00
United Auto Workers United Auto Workers Randy Brose v. Caterpillar Tractor Leg $150,000.00
Meat Cutters Meat Cutter Delbert Powell v. Heinkels Packing Neck & Arm $250,000.00
Operating Engineers Operating Engineers Sam McClure v. OMNI Erectors Neck $150,000.00
Sheet Metal Sheetmetal Michael Nixon v. Certified Testing Leg $206,000.00
Industrial Worker Industrial Worker Merlin B. v. Archer Daniels Midland Hand & Arm $59,084.00
Cashier Cashier Sherry Dougherty v. Schnuck’s Markets Knee $10,000.00
City Bus Driver City Bus Driver Donna Wills v. Decatur Public Transit Arm $19,216.00
Machinists Machinists Steven McKinney v. City of Springfield Leg $21,649.00
Goverenment Employee Goverment Employee Jill Hasely v. Logan Correctional Center Back $120,781.00
Goverenment Employee SIUE Goverment Employee Faroan Guarjardo v. State of Illinois Back $100,000.00
Mechanic Mechanic John Beecraft v. Central Management Srvcs Back $90,000.00
Nurse Nurse Antoinette Cridell v. Westminister Village Arm $13,164.00


Service Industries

Greeter Jewli Turner v. Wal-Mart Arm $10,120.00
Sales Associate Esta Roegge v. Wal-mart Shoulder $17,317.00
Licensed Practical Nurse Cyndi Stone v. Modern Care Convalescent Care Back $8,985.00
Geek Squad Thomas Volk v. Best Buy Leg $9,883.00
Police Officer Dennis Smith v. City of Taylorville Back $130,000.00
Cook Jerry McCullum v. TGI Fridays Back $120,000.00
Maid Thenda Thompson v. Holiday Inn Concussion $5,229.00
Temporary Worker Mary Lomelino v. Adeco Employment Srvcs Arm $8,334.00
Garbage Man Gordon Walker v. Lake Area Disposal Back $4,000.00
Furniture Mover Josh Stephens v. Moscardelli Moving Low Back $25,000.00
Retail Clerk Karen Sanders v. Office Max Arm $4,750.00
Maid Cherri Simmons v. LaQuinta Inn Back $4,821.00
Waitress Elizabeth Schweitzer v. Cracker Barrel Leg $5,833.00
Cook Juanita Trimmer v. Steak n Shake Back $5,635.00
Sales Associate Bryan Washburn v. AutoZone Arm $19,699.00
Bus Driver Donald Watson v. Green River Lines Arm $25,000.00
Convenience Store Mgr. Michael Walsh v. Southside Fuel Cener Back $222,000.00
Optician Martha Anderson v. Lens Crafters Neck $18,250.00
Assistant Manager Charles Arnold v. Walgreens Back $3,202.50
Bartender Phyllis Bridges v. Fraternal Order of the Eagels Back $30,000.00
Waitress Lytisha Borglum v. Olive Garden Back $2,679.00
Nurse Pamella Orr v. Favorite Health Care Staffing Knee $245,000.00
Secretary Cheryl Conrad v. Exxon Mobile Knee $214,568.00
Fast Food Carroll Dalton v. McDonalds Finger $2,000.00
Janitor Ralph Edward v. Hampton Inn Hand $8,302.00
Sales Clerk James England v. H-Haul Back $21,805.00
Factory Worker Patrick Evan v. Kraft Foods Leg $48,578.00
Veterinary Asst. Sheri Holohan v. Fairview Animal Hosp. Knee $22,000.00
Delivery Driver Steve Isbell v. Mel-O-Cream Doughnuts Back $27,000.00
Maid Julia Lafayette v. Holiday Inn Hand $10,773.00
Police Officer Ben Jackson v. City of Virden Knee $17,518.00
Pizza Delivery Man William Lawless v. Pizza Hut Back $41,000.00
Temporary Worker Greg Morris v. Labor Ready Back $41,000.00
Landscaper Sean Patterson v. The Other Side Lawn Care Hands $19,000.00
Sales Clerk Susan Renton v. Rent-A-Center Back $17,607.00
Delivery Driver Greg Rhoton v. Federal Express Ankle $15,559.00
Cashier Kenneth Rutherford v. Aldi Foods Foot $4,551.00
Mechanic Kurt Willoughby v. Dennison Ford Arm $44,593.00




Government Agency
Tax Free Cash Settlement
Thomas D. Cook County Sheriff’s Department - WC 038551 Ankle $20,000.00
William K. Illinois Department of Agriculture - Wheaton - WC001890 Rotator Cuff Tear $31,098.00
John M. Adams County - WC 62396 Neck and Back $100,000.00
Robert V. State of Illinois Central Mgmt. Services - WC 061540 Knee and Back $90,000.00
Vanessa T. Illinois School for the Deaf - WC 046492 Low Back $61,439.00
Kevin T. Illinois Secretary of State - WC 046492 Low Back $65,000.00
Janet C. University of Illinois - WC 69628 Neck $54,270.00
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